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Death, Taxes, and IT Documentation

In 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote in a letter that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” After being in the IT business for 39 years, I will add one more certainty; in our industry nothing is as important as up-to-date, accurate, and secure documentation. When you engage with …


“As soon as I clicked it, I realized I shouldn’t have…”

We often hear a similar story when new companies call us desperately looking for a quick IT solution. “As soon as I clicked it, I realized I shouldn’t have. I know better.” This is typically something that a user says following a virus infection or a successful social engineering hack. Preventing this situation is exactly …


Standardization in IT

In November of 1995, an episode of Seinfeld aired in which Jerry and his friends visit a soup stand. The proprietor has an extremely regimented way that he insists his clients adopt in order to be treated with a bowl of his soup. The concept is funny. The idea is that all of his customers …


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Back in 1980, when I was selling TRS-80’s at a Radio Shack/Tandy Computer Center, we sold a cassette tape deck specifically designed to copy data and programs created on the Model 1 computer. You’re probably asking yourself, “How old is this guy?” Back then, this was a great way to recover your information should something …


5 Things You Need to Look For in an Outsourced IT Help Desk

When you call an IT help desk, you are calling to get an issue resolved. Something has likely occurred while you were performing your daily work and you need it to be fixed…and quick. Of course, there may be other reasons to call a help desk. Perhaps you are interested in a new application and …


24/7 Monitoring

It was a very clever commercial. Four masked men enter a bank with baseball bats yelling “on the floor, on the floor”. A woman patron laying on the floor looks up to a man dressed as a security guard and whispers, “do something” and the man replies, “Oh, I’m not a security guard, I’m a …


An MSP Should Be Your IT Business Partner

A high-quality managed service plan will include a component that addresses your firm’s information technology strategy. Many managed service providers refer to this as virtual CIO (vCIO) services.


One Monthly Fee & No Surprises

Having a single recurring monthly fee for all your technology services clearly solves the problem of receiving a surprise invoice, while sharing the responsibility for uptime with the vendor.


Layered Security Keeps Your Network Safe

Over the past several years, in response to the success that hackers have had in gaining access to our personal data and key information, we have all had to modify the way we approach our IT systems. If you’re using the same strategies that you employed five years ago, then you are vulnerable, and you need to change your security plan.


The Anatomy of an Email Hack

Rachel did everything correctly. She had a very strong password. She didn’t use the same (or even a similar) password for any other account, and yet her email was hijacked. Hacked. What happened, and how could this have been avoided?