Our Team

At NetCenergy, our people are our product

You trust your business with our company, and we take that commitment seriously.

With the myriad of IT solutions in the marketplace becoming more and more commoditized, it is NetCenergy’s employees that separate us from the competition. We empower our employees by hiring individuals with the strong work ethic, integrity, and expertise needed to deliver cost-effective, highly impactful solutions to drive your business forward.

Leading IT projects corpvisionlife.net have been able to achieve high performance, drug delivery is a complex procedure.

Our Core Values

  • Our people are our strongest differentiator. We are a team of skilled and caring individuals who want our clients to succeed.
  • Our priority is the health of each client’s infrastructure and their return on investment.
  • We proactively resolve issues to ensure each client’s business is always running at peak efficiency.
  • We stay on the cutting edge of new technologies, best practices, and industry trends within our main verticals.
  • We implement new solutions that improve each client’s performance in a cost-effective way.

Our Leadership Team

Don Nokes

President & Co-founder

Dan Charland


Peter Nelson

VP Engineering

Peter Lachapelle

VP Operations & Finance

Nick Eckman

Director of Infrastructure Services

Margery Ahearn, Director of Human Resources

Margery Ahearn

Director of Human Resources

A NetCenergy employee providing managed IT service on the phone with a client

Join Our Team

We believe in investing in and empowering our people, maintaining open lines of communication, setting clear expectations, and providing our team with the freedom to pursue their interests and hone their skills.

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