Cybersecurity For Today’s Network Threats


The threats to your network and your phone are increasing each and every year. According to the independent IT-security institute, AV Test, over 350,000 new malware programs are written every day! Over 125 million new malware applications were written in 2017 alone.

While the cybersecurity industry does a great job identifying threats and providing tools to mitigate the damage these malicious software programs can cause, the tools themselves cannot fully protect your data. An effective security strategy includes several components:

    • Regular maintenance of your server and desktop operating systems and your applications is fundamental. Any new security patches or updates must be applied at least weekly.


    • Regular maintenance of your related network-connected devices is also necessary. These devices include routers, firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi Access Points, and smartphones.


    • Provide active, ongoing monitoring, and immediate remediation of each device. To ensure nothing goes awry off-hours, monitoring should be maintained 24 x 7 x 365.


    • Since email is the preferred delivery method for malware, you need an email filter that includes protections for URLs, impersonation, and attachments on your email system.


    • A comprehensive anti-virus software program with regular automated updates is a basic necessity.


    • The investment you make in the requisite electronic tools to safeguard your network must be accompanied by user training. Every person with credentials to access your business systems must undergo regular user security training. Training should also extend to the owners and all C-Level executives.


  • Finally, you should invest in a full-featured on-premise and cloud system backup system. This essential system should not simply backup just the data: it should be capable of providing a “bare-metal” restore. A “bare-metal” restore includes a data backup PLUS restoration of all application programs, operating systems, and user authentication codes and login information.

If you’re not sure whether your business has this level of protection for your on-premise or cloud-based systems, please send us an email or give us a call and we will assist you with a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment and customized recommendations for your unique needs.

Authored by Donald Nokes