Don Nokes on Radio Entrepreneurs: Defending Your Data & Technology


NetCenergy President Don Nokes talked with Jeffrey Davis and John Dustin, the hosts of Radio Entrepreneurs about “The Importance of Defending Your Company’s Data & Technology.” Listen to the 16-minute interview here on YouTube.

The conversation focused on how securing businesses’ networks is a full-time job. Don recalled how it used to be all about integrating computers and technology into your business workplace to make everything more efficient. He explained: “While we still want to be sure our clients reap the productivity rewards of their technology, we now also take a defensive approach with our clients to protect their networks. Instead of productivity vs. protection, we like to provide productivity AND protection.”

The overwhelming consensus of the group: Hackers are everywhere … and with big businesses getting more and more cybersecurity protection, their smaller business counterparts may become more vulnerable.

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