Reflecting on fourteen years of IT solutions and services


You hear it all the time: ”where did the time go?” or “it seems like only yesterday…”. Lately, I can truly relate to those sentiments. Fourteen years ago, on August 12, 2003, Dan Charland, Peter Nelson and I decided to start NetCenergy. Following several months of careful excogitating, we took a quick trip to the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s office to record our new company name. Then it was off to the bank to open a business checking account, and voila – NetCenergy was born.

Over the next 18 months, we worked out of our homes – Dan in his basement office, me in an office above my garage, and Peter hosting our first company meetings at his dining room table. It’s fun to recall those early days. NetCenergy was founded because Dan, Peter, and I felt we had a better way to provide IT services to small and mid-sized businesses and organizations. Our business has continued to evolve as the industry has changed over the last several years, and today we provide a comprehensive managed service program to ensure that your IT systems are safe and stable.

Our custom-built layered approach solution, eNCompass, is the latest result of the last fourteen years of IT services evolution. For more information about eNCompass, please browse our website. But do it soon…because time has a way of flying by!

Authored by Donald Nokes