Don Nokes Authors LW Article on AI & Vulnerabilities for Law Firms


NetCenergy President Donald Nokes recently authored an article for Lawyers Weekly entitled “Hackers leveraging AI: vulnerability for law firms.”

Hackers are upping their game when it comes to cybersecurity, going beyond email tactics. No longer are the attacks confined to email account takeover, ransomware threats, or extra sneaky attacks gaining access via trusted third parties such as title companies and payroll vendors.

The bad actors are now using artificial intelligence to devise very clever ways to employ voice-messaging to recreate your actual voice. Even just a few seconds of video content can give scammers what they require to recreate someone’s voice.

This is one kind of social engineering hack called spoofing. (Social engineering involves fooling the target via psychological manipulation resulting in human error, rather than using technical or digital system vulnerabilities.) Spoofing is when hackers pretend to be someone else to perpetrate a scam.

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