Is Multi Factor Authentication Worth The Hassle?


Don Nokes, Cofounder, NetCenergyby Don Nokes | As an IT managed-services provider, we believe we share the responsibility for data security with our clients. We bring the best-practices and they, in turn, adopt them. But change is hard and sometimes the most effective protocols are met with a bit of resistance. A good example of improving security and productivity with a small touch of hassle is multi-factor authentication (MFA). It’s a standard operational procedure for all of our clients who have Microsoft O365 applications.

Yes, when these extra security measures are launched, we typically get a not-so-positive reaction from impacted users. Some say it stifles the creative flow and others object to the tiny amount of time it takes to verify. So why do we do it?

We insist that our clients have MFA in place solely because it works. It prevents unauthorized access to your data.

According to Alex Weinert, Microsoft’s Group Program Manager for Identity Security and Protection, “Based on our studies, your account is more than 99.9 percent less likely to be compromised if you use MFA.”

Surprisingly, Weinert also stated that only 24% of users are protected by MFA.

Insurance and Productivity

It’s not just NetCenergy that sees the importance of MFA, its success rate is appreciated by cyber insurance companies across the nation. In fact, I recently wrote an article for Lawyers Weekly that explained how your cyber insurance renewal may be dependent on your company’s successful adoption and implementation of MFA.

When it comes to productivity, believe me, we hear you. We all know that technology is in place to improve productivity and taking the extra time to retrieve an MFA code from your smartphone authentication app or your text messages can seem counterproductive.

That said, if you have not experienced the huge productivity loss that occurs when your company’s IT is shut down due to a breach, you are lucky. Just about everyone agrees: that kind of productivity hit pales in comparison to the extra seconds it takes to retrieve and enter an MFA code.

Take IT Security Seriously

If you are not required to augment your user ID and password with a code sent to another device before accessing your systems, speak to your IT support people about the benefits of multi-factor authentication. Better yet, give us a call at NetCenergy. We take the security of your information systems seriously.

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