Is Your IT Partner a Passive Player or a Proactive Leader?


Several years ago, after providing a check to a merchant for a service I received, the clerk handed the check back to me attached to my receipt. It was marked ‘void.’

During a subsequent conversation with my banker, he explained the process, mentioned that check scanning was available through them and asked if I was interested in it for our company. Was I interested? This had the potential to save me significant time each day by reclaiming the time we spent preparing deposits and driving to the bank. Of course, I was interested!

It struck me that had I not asked about this feature, my banker may never have told me about it. He either didn’t know my company well enough or wasn’t thinking much about it. Either way, I left feeling like our relationship was, unfortunately, a very passive and transactional one.

That’s not the way it should be between your IT service company and your organization, either. You shouldn’t have to stumble onto a technology that will improve your business; your IT partner should be proactively presenting these options to you! It’s our job is to understand your business and strategically help you plan and optimize your technology. This is even more important as cyber threats continue to grow. You need a firm to not only play defense but also remain committed to leveraging technology to improve your customer service, enhance employee job satisfaction, and provide solid ROI.

This isn’t done on an ad hoc basis; it can only happen when you have a strong relationship with your IT firm. If your current provider isn’t as proactive as your organization deserves, you owe it to yourself, your clients, and your employees to look into an organization that offers a Managed Service Plan (MSP). For a better understanding of what you should expect from your IT firm, give us a call and we can provide some insight as to what to look for in an IT provider in today’s connected world.

Authored by Donald Nokes