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Peace of Mind Starts with a Secure and Reliable IT Infrastructure

As owners of a professional service company ourselves, we understand how important your clients’ trust is to you. That’s why we’re committed to helping you build and maintain an efficient, impenetrable IT network so your time goes to servicing your clients – not dealing with cyber security. NetCenergy is a strategic partner that understands the importance of your clients’ trust – because we work for it with our clients every day.

Spend more time with your clients and less time managing your IT by leveraging our experience building solutions for professional services companies.


Professional Services Experience

We’ve implemented and maintained solutions across professional and financial service industries including: law firms, accounting firms, insurance brokers, banks, credit unions, and other professional service businesses.



We stay current with new developments in compliance, regulatory, and privacy issues for your business and strive to proactively mitigate security risks. It is crucial that your business not only meets legal requirements, but also that all of your sensitive client and financial information is safe.

“When our firm decided to replace our existing IT support people, we found that most have similar messaging. We discovered that it’s not enough to just review a checklist of offerings, but rather we needed to dig into the details of how they deliver each component and if it will be a good fit. With NetCenergy, we understood exactly what we were getting, their references were outstanding, and our onboarding experience was excellent.

Their knowledge of legal software and the unique needs of our industry have been particularly valuable; we consider NetCenergy an integral part of our law firm team.”

Gerald C. DeMaria II
Director of Administration & Finance, Duffy & Sweeney, LTD

“While our network had previously been supported by a local firm, that company was acquired by a larger firm and the promised advantages never materialized. We found that our former IT company had us reacting to sudden problems instead of providing proactive support.

Since switching to NetCenergy and its eNCompass program, we have received services we never knew we could get under a managed service plan. We found NetCenergy’s staff to be highly competent and they have guided us to sensible, cost-effective IT solutions. One of the best features of their plan is interfacing with all our IT vendors  – from phones to photocopy machines. Another is helping us set realistic annual and multiyear IT budgets.

We are very satisfied with the quality of their service and the long-term relationship we have developed.”

Benjamin Scungio
Co-Managing Partner, Brennan Scungio & Kresge LLP

“I have used other technology companies that started out strong but could not maintain a satisfactory level of support. NetCenergy’s service and support today is the same high level as when we started several years ago. That means we can focus on our clients because our systems just work!

I was skeptical about everything being included in one fee, but NetCenergy has not only delivered what they promised, but exceeded our expectations. Plus, we no longer get surprise invoices that, in the past, took time to decipher and verify. And the regular business reviews let us plan for future capital or operational expenditures.

All in all, NetCenergy is a trusted partner that we value and know has our best interest at the heart.”

Michael Kelly
Founding Partner,
 Kelly, Souza & Parmenter

“I couldn’t sleep at night if I knew our network wasn’t secure, and that’s [what] NetCenergy does – it gives us that peace of mind that our network is really as impenetrable as it could be.”

Peter Regan
Sayer, Regan, and Thayer, LLP