Latest Case Study: Helping A Law Firm Stay Cyber Safe After A Hack


Our latest case study focuses on how we expedited a transition to our managed service solution eNCompass to keep a law firm safe after a hack.

A mid-sized law firm was uncomfortable with how its existing information technology (IT) vendor was implementing the important security tools and services to maintain the safety of their client’s information. They were planning to make a change and had begun searching for a new IT partner when disaster struck: the firm was a victim of a ransomware attack.

The backup system that was supposed to protect them did not function as intended and the firm was forced to actually negotiate with the hackers to get access to their valuable data and documents. The functioning of the team of forty-plus attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff was effectively brought to a standstill; they were unable to produce results for their clients and revenue for the firm. The situation was dire.

See the full case study here.