Part VI: Videoconferencing Deep Dive – High Five, AnyMeeting and Google Meet


This is the sixth and final installment in our blog series regarding video conferencing and collaboration software. Our first blog was a summary of the best feature of each of the offerings. Next, we took a deeper dive into Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans and WebEx. In this installment, we review, High Five, AnyMeeting and Google Meet.

When evaluating any software product, you must take the time to perform the critical first step and define your organization’s needs. This can be a challenge if you are not familiar with all of the features available to you. It reminds me of a quote that has been attributed to Henry Ford, “If I asked the people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse”. When it comes to videoconferencing options, you just might not be aware of all of the features available. Before selecting a platform for your use, you really should take some time to determine how you anticipate using it and try to predict future uses of the tool. From there, you can compare features, check out reviews and either purchase and install the solution or perhaps take advantage of the free trial versions that just about all of the vendors offer.

One key factor though, should be what other tools you are using and how well the new tool will interact and integrate with your existing tools. For example, if you are using Loom software with Zoom or Teams for screen recording on your PC or iPhone because it tends to give a much better resolution than the inbuilt recording features, then you might want to check whether both the tools functions simultaneously. Microsoft Teams may be the first choice if you are using O365 and your users are already leveraging the Microsoft platform. If you are a Google Docs, Sheets, or even full G-Suite user, then Google Meet will likely be the best choice when it comes to integrating with the other tools you are using today. The main thing to watch for when looking at pricing is price per host or price per user. Some price per user plans have a minimum number of users.

See our chart below for an overview of the cost levels and features for High Five, AnyMeeting, and Google Meet:

High Five AnyMeeting Google Meet
Free version available No 1 Yes 4 users max Yes2 100 users max
Starter Plan $9.99/mo/user $9.99/mo/user3 $6/mo/user4
Participants Max. 40 Max. 10 Max. 150
# of meetings Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Meeting time limits Unlimited 12 Hours 300 Hours
Dial-in from phone only at no add. cost Yes Yes Yes (G-Suite only)
In-meeting chat Yes Yes Yes
Screen and Application sharing Yes Yes Yes
Second tier $13.99/mo/user $12.99/mo/user $12/mo/user4
Participants Max. 150 Max. 1005 Max. 150
# of meetings Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Meeting Recording No Yes No
Top Tier $16.99/mo/user $17.99/mo/user $25/mo/user
Participants Max. 150 Max. 2005 Max. 250
# of meetings Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Meeting Recording Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

1 Free Trial available

2 Google Hangouts free up to 25 users- Meet available free for up to 100 users
3 Pricing shown for 1-25 users. Offers lower rates for 26-100, 100+ users
4 This price is for G-Suite which includes Meet and many other applications
5 Max 30 HD Video Participants (720p)


Video conferencing and collaboration tools have become one of the hottest products on the market today. New offerings and new features for existing products appear every day. Some of our clients have found that adoption of more than one solution makes sense for them based on internal dynamics where more collaboration tools are required or external scenarios where ease of connection by their customers or clients is the primary objective. Watch for our next blog series where we’ll explore options for VoIP phone systems.


Authored by Donald Nokes