VoIP Deep Dive – GoToConnect Is A Feature-Packed Offering


Don Nokes, Cofounder, NetCenergyby Don Nokes | President of NetCenergy

In 2018, Jive was acquired by LogMeIn as part of a re-branding strategy. Jive has since been renamed GoToConnect and is a feature-packed offering in the VoIP space.

As you look at the evolution of VoIP platforms, you find two basic patterns: many companies were created as a VoIP platform,  others as video conferencing solutions.

The trend in the market today is to combine VoIP and video conferencing into a single, integrated solution.

Microsoft Teams is an example where the system started out as a collaboration/video conferencing solution and has recently added a VoIP solution called Phone System. RingCentral is an example of a VoIP solution that bolted on a videoconferencing tool. On the other hand, even Zoom which was an example of a strictly video conferencing solution has now added a VoIP service called Zoom Phone.

Like most of their competitors, GoToConnect offers three pricing levels; Basic ($22/Mo), Standard ($26/Mo) and Premium ($32/Mo.) If you’re already using Zoom or another video conferencing product or if you’re not looking for video conferencing with your VoIP system, then the basic is probably a good option. This limits you to only one auto attendant option, one ring group, and one call queue. Basic is really designed for a single location.

The standard plan offers a good variety of services that most subscribers will like. The following is a list of key features available with GoToConnect’s (formerly Jive) standard plan. I have added a brief description of the feature for your edification:

  • Voicemail and Greeting – Personalized voice mail and greetings. GoToConnect can also create sound files and send your voicemails to your email inbox. (this feature is available in basic, too)
  • Video Conferencing and Audio conference calling – Host video calls for up to 150 participants including participants on audio only. These calls can be of unlimited duration. (basic: limits you to a maximum of 4 Participants with a 40-minute call limit)
  • Team Chat and Messaging – Supports unlimited SMS Texting as well as unlimited team chat.
  • Mobile & Desktop Apps – Load the softphone app on your IOS or Android smartphone to make or take phone calls from your office phone or cell phone.
  • Dynamic caller ID – Also includes call screening/call blocking and filters.
  • Call Logs and Call History – The system supports logging to allow lookback and documenting activity.
  • Call Recording – Flip the call recording command to create an audio record of selected calls.
  • Call Flip – Allows you to continue your active call using a different device. You can flip from your mobile phone to your desk phone and back again.
  • Intercom – Allows efficient communication with any other users who are on the system.

If you require a high volume of international calls each month, your best option might be the premium service. This increases the number of video conferencing participants to 250 as well.  Both the standard and premium plans also allow for a webinar add on. GoToConnect has a very convenient brochure that is available here.

Next month, we’ll wrap up our seven-part VoIP series with a deeper dive into Ooma. In the meantime, reach out to me directly at dnokes@netcenergy.com if you need help with your VoIP.

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