Protecting Our Clients From New Outlook Vulnerability


As some may be aware, Microsoft Identified a critical security vulnerability in Outlook in March.

A recent article on the digital Forbes site notes: “[T]he exploit is triggered upon receipt of a malicious email, and so is executed before that email is read in the preview pane. That’s right; this is a no-user-interaction required exploit.”

NetCenergy clients know that we determined this was a threat that required immediate action. We identified and confirmed potential risks and implemented industry best-practices and top-level security standards to block these exploits. Next, we deployed the recently issued remedies to eliminate the threats, both in the short and long term. Our help desk remained available and ready to answer any client questions.

“We appreciate the proactive approach that NetCenergy takes to keep our clients’ sensitive data constantly secure, even when we, ourselves, are not aware of a new vulnerability. With hackers becoming more sophisticated, it’s a comfort to know that NetCenergy looks out for our business interests … just as they have for the last twenty years. We appreciate it!”
Christopher Bartlett CPA, CFP, Partner
Andsager Bartlett & Pieroni, LLP
Faced with the daily risk of cyber attacks wreaking havoc on businesses of all size and industry, it’s vital to have a trusted partner with an IT solution to keep you protected. We provide clients with that assurance, day in and day out, for total peace of mind.
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