Part III: Videoconferencing Deep Dive – Zoom

This is the third installment in our blog series about video conferencing/collaboration software packages. Last time, we took a deeper dive into Microsoft Teams, and in this installment, we review Zoom. Last October, Zoom counted over 10 million registered users. As COVID-19 chased many business professionals into their home offices, the subscription rate ballooned to …


Part II: Videoconferencing Deep Dive – Microsoft Teams

In our last post, we highlighted six of the most common video conferencing/collaboration software packages and identified the best feature of each of the offerings. In this installment, we’ll take deeper dive into Microsoft Teams. Easy Integration & Clean Application If your team uses Microsoft’s Office 365, the integration between Office products and Microsoft Teams …


Part I: Which Videoconferencing Software is Right for You?

Over the last several years, videoconferencing software has evolved exponentially. Initially, room-based video conferencing systems hit the market that outfit a physical office conference room with a large display screen or screens and microphones. Room-based systems continue to be popular as they provided cost savings and efficiency by reducing the need for travel. To support …


VPNs – Not Necessarily the Safest Option for Working Remotely

The ability to work remotely is a powerful tool. With it, companies across the globe have been able to maintain operations even if their teams can’t be in close proximity with one another. But, while there are a number of ways to connect remote workers back to the company, there are some security concerns that …


COVID-19 Phishing Scams

It’s as despicable as it sounds. Hackers are using the COVID 19 pandemic as an opportunity to hack your home and business systems. While the world is coming together, neighbors assisting neighbors to help us all get through this coronavirus episode, there are some people looking to profit from this extremely contagious virus. What are …


Is Your MSP Just a “Break-Fix IT” Model in Disguise?

Over the last several years, the IT support industry has largely repositioned its core service offerings in response to the changing needs of businesses. The old, reactive IT support model of break/fix has been ostensibly replaced by comprehensive, end-to-end managed service plans (MSPs). These plans are supposed to be designed to fully manage an organization’s …


Letting Go

As business leaders or managers, many of us have experienced positive business growth and refinement of our offerings that, ultimately, benefits most, but not all, of our clients. You may have an enjoyable working relationship with a long-term client, but the client’s needs and your business sweet spot no longer align.  In fact, business experts …


Sharing Risk

In today’s world of connected IT systems, the risk associated with your important data is heightened. Most small to mid-sized organizations rely on a trusted IT support organization to protect critical information. Our industry uses an umbrella term called “managed service plan” to describe the services that we provide. As I’ve discussed in previous blogs, …


Good Versus Evil in IT

Good versus evil. It’s all too common. New technology is released as a useful tool for IT professionals and inevitably hackers learn how to use the tool for evil. In 1973 when data encryption became a useful tool it was adopted using the DES (Data Encryption Standard. As of 1997, the standard was changed to …


Death, Taxes, and IT Documentation

In 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote in a letter that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” After being in the IT business for 39 years, I will add one more certainty; in our industry nothing is as important as up-to-date, accurate, and secure documentation. When you engage with …