Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start NetCenergy?

We started NetCenergy to fill a serious gap in southern New England’s business community. We saw that business owners were tired of overpaying for products and services they really didn’t need. We set out to build a different kind of IT company – a company that would truly align its interests with its clients’ needs and business goals by providing a level of client service, support, knowledge sharing, and genuine concern that would set a new industry standard.

What makes NetCenergy different from other IT service providers?

At NetCenergy, we believe in handshakes and face-to-face meetings because we value the personal relationships we build with our clients. This translates into listening versus talking, entering into dialogues versus conducting monologues, recommending versus selling, customizing versus standardizing, and saving versus spending. At NetCenergy, we treat your IT dollars as our own.

How do I get started with NetCenergy?

Getting started with NetCenergy is simple. Click on “Connect with Us” to schedule a complimentary consultation. We will have one of our account executives reach out to you to assess your situation, understand your pain points, and, when appropriate, meet with you face-to-face to begin to understand your specific business needs.

How do I access support from NetCenergy?

Providing the highest quality service is central to our mission. Our highly trained support staff is accessible, knowledgeable, and always courteous. You can obtain support by submitting an online support request or by calling or emailing our client support center. No matter how you reach out to us, we’ll be there to answer.

Do you charge for the initial consultation?

We are proud to provide complimentary, obligation-free initial consultation. We’ll even come to you! Connect with us to find out more.

Do you offer training to teach my in-house IT staff how to utilize our technologies?

At NetCenergy, we never sell software or install hardware without giving you the tools you need to access every function of your new resource. The best way to see a maximum return on investment from your new technologies is to be properly trained to use it, so we ensure that happens. It’s part of our interests-aligned partnership approach: putting your interests first every day. If you don’t have an IT staff then NetCenergy can offer you the appropriate managed service whose resources are fully trained on your specific IT needs.

What’s the value of managed services?

People often ask why they should utilize managed services rather than handling these functions internally. The simple answer is that managed services save you money. By freeing up your in-house staff to work on tasks relevant to your core competencies (and thus integral to profitability) and preventing those experts from being interrupted with other requests, you’re able to better access the talent you have on staff. NetCenergy’s managed services allow you to do what you do best while we handle all the rest. Companies that do not have IT staff can rely on NetCenergy’s managed services as their custom IT department.

If there is a question we haven’t answered, connect with us.

We want to make sure you are heard and no question goes unanswered.