Internal IT Dept.

I already have an IT staff, but there are times when I could use outside assistance. In some cases I need that defined to me based on the direction and needs of my company. How can you help?

NetCenergy helps companies with IT projects by collaborating seamlessly with in-house talent. We firmly believe in transfer of knowledge, so our team members will share their expertise with yours, leaving your team in even better shape at the end of a project than when we first arrived.

Whether you need to access a specific skill set or experience level, want us to help on a short-term project, or need skilled engineering resources for set timeframes, we have the staffing solutions to suit your needs. We aspire to instill in every client the confidence that NetCenergy is a beneficial addition to any in-house IT team. We will discuss your needs with you and explain the solutions we can provide to supplement your in-house talent in a transparent, productive, cost-effective manner.

Even for those clients who have an IT department, one of our most popular offerings in this area is our strategic planning service. Not only can we help lay out an immediate plan as outlined above, but we can generate a 3 to 5-year strategic plan so you and your management team can more effectively budget and plan for the long term.

If I am interested in having one of your engineers work with my team on site, do you offer that and how?

When we provide an engineer to work alongside and compliment your IT team, we call that “insourcing.” We first listen to your goals and help assess your needs so that we can identify the skill sets and experience levels you’re seeking. Then we provide our top candidates for the position, enabling you to choose among only the most qualified, vetted professionals without incurring the costs of a full-scale hiring search.

The engineer you choose can work on a specific project for a fixed fee, or s/he can work for a set number of days or hours per week. We pay all employment costs, and we tailor our fees so that you only pay for the time or project you need. Should your business grow and you prefer the engineer to become fully a part of your team, NetCenergy will work with you on hiring the insourced engineer as an in-house employee

I was just asked to do a strategic IT plan for next 3 to 5 years, including a complete Disaster Recovery Plan, and I don’t know where to start or even have the time to get started. How can NetCenergy help me?

We always recommend that companies seek outside advice for strategic planning and disaster recovery planning in order to obtain independent thinking and unbiased recommendations. These are tasks that require a significant amount of up-to-date industry knowledge and the experience of a highly skilled team. The repercussions of having such plans drawn up by an inexperienced staff member, even one who knows IT, can be devastating to an organization.

NetCenergy can partner with you to develop a strategic plan and implement a disaster recovery plan. We’ll even test your disaster plan so that you know exactly what to do in an emergency, and so does your staff.

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