Outsourced IT Dept.

I have been hearing a lot about cloud computing but don’t know if it applies to our organization. How can I tell if cloud computing would work for us?

Cloud computing and related services are getting a lot of publicity these days, and part of that is because nearly every company can benefit from them to some extent. However, the choices can be confusing, especially with so many providers, services, and options. NetCenergy makes things easy. We will assess your current IT environment, evaluate your needs, and use layman’s terms to discuss the cloud computing options most in line with your business goals.

I am a heath care provider, and I’m seriously thinking of going to electronic patient records. How should I proceed?

With so many healthcare providers moving away from paper files toward Electronic Health Records (EHR), there is no shortage of available hardware and software options on the market. You may choose to license software and then either use your own in-house IT equipment or a third party’s IT equipment to accommodate your software and support your data. You can even subscribe to an EHR system on a monthly basis.

Over the past 5 years, NetCenergy has developed an expertise and service practice in healthcare IT solutions. We also know how complex the regulatory and security issues are in your field. To that end, we recommend that you thoroughly investigate the various EHR offerings before making an investment. We welcome your questions, and we will be happy to advise you through the process. We can explain, in layman’s terms, the IT implications of each EHR solution that will fit the size, specialty, and budget of your individual practice. We also offer a wide range of managed services to help keep your staff focused on your patients, not your computers.

I have no IT expertise in house, but I am still responsible for making everything function properly. What would you suggest?

Right up front we would suggest that you meet with IT solutions providers, like NetCenergy, and start evaluating the kind of support you need. Look for companies that offer managed services and will customize those services to meet your specific needs. You should choose an IT partner you can trust and depend on. Select a company that will hold itself accountable to you and perform as your IT department. Choose a company with scalable services, so that, as your business needs change, your IT partner can advise you and implement IT changes with little to no impact to your end-user employees.

My biggest challenge is convincing my management team that we need IT improvements. None of us are technical experts, so I cannot state the case well, and they do not have the knowledge to assess my requests. How can you help?

At NetCenergy, we believe that there is nothing so technical that it cannot be explained in layman’s terms. We know it’s impossible for our clients to make informed decisions if they don’t fully understand their needs, assets, and options. So we always take the time to fully evaluate your existing systems and listen to your business goals and challenges before making any recommendations. We break each choice down into easily understandable terms, and then explain how these assets can help you reach your business goals. We quite often call upon our clients especially without an IT department to explain the pros and cons of all recommendations so they can make an informed business decision. That is exactly why we offer managed services and work closely with our clients and their IT needs.

I feel that we need an IT plan but don’t know where to start. What do you recommend?

The best way to start developing an IT plan is by evaluating your company’s current IT assets and short-term needs and long-term business goals. Is your current hardware in good working order? Is your software running properly? Do you have the capacity to grow? Where do you see your company in five years?

At NetCenergy, we know developing an IT plan is often a daunting task. It’s hard to plan for the unknown future, especially if you’re not extremely well versed in the latest technologies. We can help by performing a thorough IT assessment and evaluation. Because we do these assessments for dozens of clients each year and because we make it our business to be as well informed as possible on current and upcoming technologies, we’re well positioned to conduct an accurate, unbiased analysis for you.

We do all of this with our interests-aligned approach in mind, never recommending unnecessary upgrades or investments. We know honesty matters, and we’ll give you an accurate assessment, even if that means recommending nothing at all.

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