Sharing Risk


In today’s world of connected IT systems, the risk associated with your important data is heightened. Most small to mid-sized organizations rely on a trusted IT support organization to protect critical information. Our industry uses an umbrella term called “managed service plan” to describe the services that we provide. As I’ve discussed in previous blogs, the coverage details for each vendor’s managed service plan can vary greatly. One very important differentiator is the willingness of the IT vendor to share the risk. Let’s face it, if you pay for a managed service plan and a hacker gets in, wouldn’t you like to have your vendor put a little skin in the game?

Unfortunately, most IT support vendors who provide a managed service plan avoid some key services. If those additional services are rendered, you can expect to receive your regular monthly service fee along with another bill. If your system was hacked for instance, most managed service providers would issue an additional service fee for what is commonly known as ”remediation services” to clean up the virus. This can be a time-consuming and costly service.

If your IT support vendor is confident enough that they have implemented the proper security features, they should back it up by fixing any breaches without additional costs to your organization. Our clients participate in our user security training and meet with us quarterly to review the performance reports and other network metrics, so we demonstrate the confidence we have in our support program by covering any breaches without any additional fees. If you’re not getting that kind of collaborative partnership and risk-sharing from your IT vendor, you should demand it or consider moving on.

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Authored by Donald Nokes