IT Infrastructure Design

Design an Infrastructure That Supports Your Business Needs

A “Business-First” approach to IT has to start with the right IT infrastructure. But, building a rock-solid foundation — with the ability to grow — can be a challenging and daunting task. NetCenergy has designed-built-installed hundreds of systems tailored to our clients’ specific needs and business demands. We take the time to understand your current and future business needs and then implement scalable solutions that support your goals.

IT Infrastructure Design

Strategic IT Planning and  Consulting 

In today’s business world, digital transformation can and should actively support your business strategy. Collaboration with network design professionals can save you time, money, and improve your customer service and competitiveness. Our solution architects fill the need and ensure that your business strategy is comprehensive by including information technology.


The “cloud” is everywhere… but often misunderstood. Whether you move to cloud-computing services or a hybrid approach, we consult on cloud infrastructure solutions in an approachable, educational way so you understand your options. Our focus on specific industries allows us to stay abreast of your industry’s regulatory requirements to keep you both safe and compliant.  

Physical Wiring

If your internal network needs connectivity with the latest wiring NetCenergy’s team of state licensed telecommunications technicians can design your physical infrastructure. Our team can design and install Wi-Fi and video surveillance systems to eliminate spotty coverage or poor service levels.  Check out our full capabilities here.

Smarter IT Infrastructure Design that Anticipates Future Needs

Our comprehensive approach provides the right combination of business experience and acumen with the latest technology trends. Our team understands that anticipating regulatory changes and future business needs is critical to designing an IT infrastructure for the long-term. Our IT Consulting methodology starts with understanding the intricacies of your business and industry so that we are able to make informed recommendations suited to your organization.

From there, we:

  • Analyze your business and project needs
  • Clarify scope
  • Assemble the appropriate skill sets and resource requirements
  • Craft and implement an appropriate solution
  • Share our results and either transfer ownership to your team or provide you with an option for ongoing support by our team

Take a load off – NetCenergy can manage your entire IT with eNCompass

We’ve built the foundation – now let us build the house! NetCenergy’s Managed Services Program, eNCompass, is a full-service MSP that takes our “Business First” approach all the way through implementation. We ensure your infrastructure continues to function how it’s supposed to long after the design and implementation phases have been completed. eNCompass  takes the hassle out of IT so you can focus on your business.

Discover what eNCompass can do for your business