It takes a community to secure your company’s data


Back in the day, IT security was the job of a computer tech. Whether that resource worked directly for your company or was an outsourced person, one thing was for certain; it was not each users’ job. It is evident today, based on almost daily news stories, that data security is being breached with regularity. There are several steps that we take at NetCenergy to mitigate the potential for data security attacks. One of the most important is end user training. We provide regular end user security training for our contract clients. Here are a few topics that should be covered with each user on your network, at least four times each year:

  • Best practices for password selection and safety
  • Common and most recent phishing tactics and how to avoid them
  • Email filtering best practices – how to set your block and allow lists
  • Remote access do’s and don’ts
  • Flash drive plugin safety tips
  • What to do if you suspect you’ve downloaded a virus

NetCenergy provides user training with a portion of the time dedicated to interactive discussion as part of our eNCompass managed services program. This is an important opportunity for your staff to share experiences and optimize their training. It is critical that you continually train your users how to do it properly. Security is now everyone’s job.

Authored by Donald Nokes