Thankful for Our Friends at Kelly, Souza & Parmenter


Our client Michael Kelly — Founding Partner at the law firm of Kelly, Souza & Parmenter — recently shared his thoughts about our work on his firm’s behalf.

“I have used other technology companies that started out strong but could not maintain a satisfactory level of support. 

NetCenergy’s service and support today is the same high level as when we started several years ago.  That means we can focus on our clients because our systems just work! 

 I was skeptical about everything being included in one fee, but NetCenergy has not only delivered what they promised, but exceeded our expectations.   Plus, we no longer get surprise invoices that, in the past, took time to decipher and verify.  

And the regular business reviews let us plan for future capital or operational expenditures. 

 All in all, NetCenergy is a trusted partner that we value and know has our best interest at the heart.”

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