Using Technology for Transformation & Efficiencies


by Don Nokes | I recently was a presenter at the Business Fundamentals Bootcamp – 128/South Shore where we focused on tactical skills for business growth aka “Turning Lemons into Lemonade – Building Resilience in your Business During Challenging Times.”

Designed for CEOs and CXOs, my section of the live webinar covered using technology in a transformative and efficient way.

Here are my three top take-aways from the March 2021 program:

1. Technology for Office Workers & WFH:

I was really struck by how, on one hand, people totally enjoy working from home, eliminating the commute and forgoing the water-cooler talk while others crave the social environment and face-to-face communication. Businesses are encountering some tough decisions — amid very unique circumstances — on how to bring their workforces back … totally, not at all or in a hybrid mode. No matter the decision, technology is vital to those decisions for seamless collaboration, in or out of the office.

2. Next Iteration of Collaboration:

The future of collaboration is packed with rich, feature-filled offerings. While many of us jumped on Zoom to see each other in our respective dining rooms, the Zoom of today is far more robust than the Zoom of 18 months ago. Nevertheless, if you would look online, you’d realize that you have many more options as well. For businesses, that would mean leveraging your chosen video conferencing and webinar tools (like the one you can find on https://www.goldcast.io/use-cases/webinar-management-software or similar websites, for instance) to maximize efficiency in your marketing efforts. We are also seeing businesses undertake more thoughtful processes to select and integrate collaboration tools so their clients, customers and teams remain engaged.

3. Efficiency & Processes Overhaul:

Again, now that we are returning to a semblance of the new normal in our workplaces, it’s time to take stock of what your IT team may have put in place to merely get everyone through the pandemic. Just like being more thoughtful in your conferencing and collaboration solution decisions, now is the time to review your user security tactics as well as look for ways to improve efficiencies and reduce redundancies in your new-normal workflow processes. For instance, if you used normal CCTV cameras to guard your workspace, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a smarter system from the likes of Vantiq or similar companies, that with the help of event-driven technology can allow real-time reactions to any discrepancies occurring in the installed security system.

At NetCenergy, we are known for being more than just an IT provider; we are a strategic business partner that uses technology to solve business problems. If you are considering making the switch to a new IT vendor and want to learn more, visit our website here or reach out directly to Don Nokes, President of NetCenergy, at dnokes@netcenergy.com to chat. Or view the recorded webinar here.

Thanks to Lori Coleman from Supporting Strategies for spearheading and organizing the webinar, and to my co-panelists — Katie Leeman, Leeman Communications Collaborative; Lynn Haddad Sommer, Cabrillo Advisors; and Dominic Grew, Elevate Business Coaching — for a great session.