What the Wanna Crypto attack teaches us


When I first started providing microcomputers to businesses in 1980 (we didn’t call them PC’s until 1982), upgrades and security patches weren’t considered that important. Now that we are all connected via the Internet, security patches are critically important to protect your organizations’ data. No event has driven that point home more than the recent events involving Wanna Crypto.

As a business leader, protecting your company’s data should be a primary concern. Fortunately, most IT support firms have developed support plans that use technology to monitor and manage every single device connected to your network. It also ensures that security patches and updates are done on a timely basis by automating and monitoring the process. This gives you both the protection and confidence you need. It’s a good feeling to know that someone is watching your network and making sure your systems are protected.

If you’re using the same strategy to protect your IT that you used five years ago, then you need an upgrade. The information technology industry is constantly evolving and continues to develop and refine what we refer to as a Managed Services Plan (MSP). An MSP is an IT provider that provides support and manages all of your company’s IT efforts, from programs to services to vendors. This frees up your time so your business can focus on tasks relevant to its core competencies. In today’s world, your IT support firm should provide an MSP that includes 24 x 7 monitoring and pro-active management of your systems. If they’re not, you should act fast to get that coverage.

Authored by Donald Nokes