Would You Rather Fight Than Switch IT Vendors?


by Don Nokes & Dan Charland | If you operate a business or organization with under 100 or so users, you are likely working with an outsourced IT firm.

Over the years, the team at NetCenergy has met with hundreds of businesses and organizations that are unhappy with their current IT support company but are extremely reluctant to make a change.

Sometimes, it’s a situation where the organization has outgrown the two-person IT provider; in other situations, the commitment to customer service by the current provider is not there.  In those cases, we hear it can be a “fight” to get problems addressed, systems in place, and/or billing issues resolved.

Dissatisfaction Without Action

No matter how severe the discontent, it’s common for the company leadership to feel so reliant on the current technology — and so afraid of the potential for disruption to their business — that they are reluctant to switch vendors.  Business leaders ask:  “Will we experience a potential loss of vital data or an increase in downtime during the transition?”

Eventually,  clients who ignore their dissatisfaction with an underperforming IT provider may be thrust into fire-drill mode when the client experiences some critical break on the vital day-to-day systems or, yikes, a breach the current IT provider cannot handle.

Outside of fire-drill incidents, we see business decision-makers expressing concern their current vendor might not be cooperative in a switch to a new IT company, thus further endangering their whole IT infrastructure.

Smooth Transition. Fear of Retaliation. 

Yes, we have come in with our NetCenergy team at 5:00 pm on a Friday night to take over the IT system for a company that feared some kind of technology retaliation and, yes, we have stepped in to fully assume all IT functions for clients who have experienced a cybersecurity breach but, in most cases, moving your technology vendor is an orderly and positive effort. The end-result for our clients to transition to NetCenergy is a smoothly operating IT effort with expanded capabilities, full security features and the ultimate in customer service.

At NetCenergy, we are known for being more than just an IT provider; we are a strategic business partner that uses technology to solve business problems. If you are considering making the switch to a new IT vendor and want to learn more, visit our website and/or reach out directly to Don Nokes  or Dan Charland.

Reach Out For Our IT Playbook to Self-Assess

At NetCenergy, we approach IT through a business lens. Our 30-page IT Playbook is full of information to help you self-assess your existing IT systems and evaluate your level of risk. Send us an email and we’ll forward a copy to you. And, if you are not following strict security protocols — including regular user training of anyone with credentials to access your network — reach out to our team at NetCenergy to review your situation.

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